Royal Canadian Legion OSI Special SectionSection Spéciale OSI de la Légion Royale Canadienne


Welcome to the Legion

Legion OSI is a national, member-driven, peer-support network, providing eligible Legion members with the opportunity to support and advocate for Veterans and their Families mental health.

“We want to work to de-stigmatize operational stress injuries so that those suffering and their families can get the help that they need. “By creating this Special Section within The Royal Canadian Legion, and maintaining a close working relationship with the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada, we believe that we can improve the support that Veterans and their families receive and strengthen the Legion’s ability to advocate for Veteran mental health issues.

The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit organization consisting of more than 1,200 Branches, and over 250,000 Members nationwide. We are one of the foremost and most respected community service organizations in Canada, serving veterans, ex-service personnel, seniors, youth and many aspects of community life.

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